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www.samsbeauty.com Reviews

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  • love this place

    I want to start off by saying that I don't work for this site or email I paid by them. I buy my hair from Sam's all the time, and very upset by sum of these reviews. I love this site because of the price n hair, I could go to other sites like black hair spray or hair sisters but they don't have the deals I like. I just received my package that I ordered on thursday. I got the ground shipping for this order, an got it today 02,23,15. It had everything inside along with a invoice that was inside. I got everything I ordered and very happy like always. Before I placed the... More...
    titta's Picture   titta    0 Comments   Comments
  • samsbeauty.com is the worst!!!

    I ordered stuff for Christmas on 12/10/14 and later that day AFTER taking money from my card they sent me an email stating that they couldn't fulfill my order because my address didn't match my card ( I just moved). So I called them twice on the 10th, 3 times on the 11th and sent an email both times. By today (12/12/14) I received another email which was the exact same email they sent me on the 10th! I replied to the email AGAIN, called them AGAIN and left a very terse message telling them to cancel my order and to give me my money back. I've called my bank to start the... More...
    msmeekag1's Picture   msmeekag1    0 Comments   Comments
  • Don't Choose Sambeauty!!

    The item I was looking for was listed cheaper on the sambeauty website than anywhere else I could find. So I was excited about getting a deal when I placed my first order. However, it turned out the deal was no deal at all. Yes, the price was cheaper but I had to return the item and it was a huge hassle. I mailed the item back via USPS and made sure to get a tracking number. I never received a refund so I finally called into sambeauty customer service and was told they never received the item back. Per the tracking number, the item was delivered back to them within the proper time frame.I... More...
    coolwaters's Picture   coolwaters    0 Comments   Comments
  • Inaccurate product description, horrible customer service

    I ordered two wigs, one auburn, and one blonde/brown. When they arrived, both were black, despite the code on the packaging matching the order I made. I contacted the company via e-mail, explaining also that the package arrival was delayed due to the fact that I needed to use an APO shipping service. (Their online order form would not accept my overseas military zip code.) The only response I got was to fill out the return form, which I did, and it was rejected because it was past 14 days. I tried calling, which is difficult because I'm on Berlin time, but there was no answer,... More...
    Artimise's Picture   Artimise    0 Comments   Comments

    I ordered a product about a few weeks ago. The hair shipped and was not the color I wanted. So I sent it back for a refund on the original packaging and paper work.i ordered the same hair again in hopes they would send the correct color. Nope they sent the same color hair different number. So I get an email stating they refused to give me my refund because the hair wasn't in the original package. bs.. it was. Ive been calling for 24hrs now with no response just voicemails. I would never shop from them ever again and ibetter receive my refund . More...
    goldielox's Picture   goldielox    0 Comments   Comments
  • Love them!

    Fast shipping and the lace wigs are cheap. When purchasing their wigs I would recommend that you buy more than one if you plan on wearing it a lot. But for the price it is do-able. I wish that they showed the actual wigs instead of it being on models because some wigs are better in person than what it looks like on the pictures. This company is the best kept secret out there for lace front wigs. I wish they would use swiss lace instead of the hard plastic type lace, but for the price it is still a good deal. More...
    cemowilliams's Picture   cemowilliams    0 Comments   Comments
  • did not receive item

    I placed an order with samsbeauty.com for a jewelry set. I needed the jewelry for a wedding and placed the order 2 weeks ahead of time. I decided to pay with PayPal for better protection. the merchnat did not send me e-mail confirmation for the order, only after a week they sent me e-mail saying the item is out of stock and asking if I wanted refund or substitute. My substitute was $4.00 more expensive and i paid the balance again by PayPal. I did not receive any tracking # or reply. The item did not arrive before the wedding. I contacted the merchant one more time before disputing the... More...
    hairexpert's Picture   hairexpert    4 Comments   Comments

www.samsbeauty.com Reviews By Product

www.samsbeauty.com Comments

4realreview says: (4 years ago)
Bad customer service

Chamika32 says: (4 years ago)
I will be reporting them to the better business bureau because I ordered a wig recently and no one is getting back to me about why my order is not received nor about getting a refund they messes up my past order and didn't get the wig right charged my card twice last time but then refunded it back smh but I could never return that wig because by the time they gave me all the information I needed it was too late please don't order from them faulty/shady company

plzunsubscribeme says: (4 years ago)
HOW ABOUT THIS! I ordered Beverly Johnson Latch Hook Braid Lock N Roll 9/08/2014, received my order 9/12/14. THEY CHEATED ME! Of the three (3) golden bundles within one (1) pack they unraveled each bundle and tied a rubber band around each one and sold me one for the price of 3! I am outraged! I will NEVER order from them again. PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE invest your money elsewhere. They are scammers! ALSO each cardboard has clearly been touched as you see greasy finger prints on EACH of them! Worst experience ever!

Did I return it? No because I have been waiting to do this style for a while and I have to work with what I have but I sure will NEVER purchase anything from them again! I truly can't believe this!

I took pictures. If you want to see them to judge for yourself email me @ plzunsubscribeme@gmail.com.


Chris323 says: (4 years ago)
Can someone please give me the number to samsbeauty that actually works they r not picking my call

mrzblessed says: (4 years ago)
Order at your own risk samsbeauty.com has some fraudulent activity going on within their company!! If you do order, make sure you use paypal! I placed an order for braiding hair and two days later their was a fraudulent charge on my wells Fargo card for 59.99, and they tried to charge it again for 19.99. Please be aware something is not right because that's the only purchase I made online and immediately following I received this fraud on my card! The representative at the bank told me it was a computer company that did it which is probably in business with samsbeauty. The transaction stated NCSoft Orderfind comm. I will be prosecuting to the fullest!

sapphire3578 says: (5 years ago)
I've ordered from samsbeauty.com in the past and never had a problem. This was when their site used a black background. I was looking for something in particular and the other stores I normally frequent was charging more that I had to spend. Samsbeauty not only had the item, but the price was below what I expected and so I immediately grabbed onto it. Since placing the order my status has not changed. I called them and was very surprised that they did not answer their phones and that the customers had to leave a message. I left three messages and sent an email out...no responses. The last phone message I sent was kind of rude because I am EXTREMELY pissed about this. I hate being played or feeling like I've been played and I don't care WHAT it takes, Ima find where they are located and report them to the BBB. I did not use paypal but I will be contacting my credit card company about this and see if there is something that they can do about helping me get a refund from them. This is rediculous, I have NEVER had to wait for a online beauty supply company to call me back not to mention that the voice at the prompt said that I would get a call back from them immediately. The messed with the WRONG PERSON!!!

a4321 says: (5 years ago)
I can't even get onto their website. Just a logo appears when I enter samsbeauty.com. Now that I've read the reviews I guess I won't bother

naturaleeme says: (5 years ago)
WORST EXPERIENCE EVER!!!!!! I ordered two wigs from Samsbeauty.com because of the reviews on Youtube. What an awful mistake! I returned one of the wigs and they would not refund my money unless I joined their membership. IN-STORE CREDIT ONLY!!!! The young lady who answered the telephone (Tammy) had a VERY NASTY ATTITUDE! I will not be ordering from Samsbeauty.com ever again! NEVER! EVER!

POFFNTEXAS says: (5 years ago)
Don't order for SamsBeauty.com they advertise items that they know they don't have in stock and when you place your order instead of informing you that the item is not in stock they charge your card for it anyway and you don't find out about it until you don't hear from them and have to end up checking your order status. I request they give me a full refund if my items where not sent out the next morning, you quess it they sent me an email the very next morning saying my item had ship, when I received it it was two different types of hair. They are thiefs and I am sending my AGO and the BBB a complaint and ask them to check into Sams Beauty Club business practices. What they are doing is wrong. They have cheated a lot people out of their money.

Biolanuga says: (7 years ago)
The website is a SCAM!!!
I ordered $122 worth of stuff from samsbeauty on the 17th of may, paid through money order and they sent an email with a UPS tracking order but the order was never received.
I called, cried, pleaded and emailed everyone at samsbeauty. From jennifer the manager, to their customer (dis)service regarding these lost items, and they couldn't be more unhelpful.
They didn't care at all, no customer services, emails were not responded to, neither were they willing to help me contact UPS about what happened to the order.
I have had the run around for over 3weeks and the issue has still not been resolved. I have asked for a refund and they said they'll get back to me. It's the 5th of june and the issue has still not been resolved.
I have ordered stuff from black hairspray plenty of times and they deliver within 2 to 3 days. Their customer service can't help you enough.
If you ever want to order stuff from samsbeauty, PLEASE DO NOT!!!!!!!

shellyann says: (7 years ago)
worst experience ever,i would never ever purchase another item at sams beauty they take your money ,and send no emails, no calls ,put me thru hell to get what i paid for,they dont answer calls, i have to immediately ask for a refund .i would never recommend anyone to sams beaury,beware DO NOT ORDER AT SAMS BEAUTY.COM.

skzmo says: (7 years ago)
Store is a scam BEWARE do not order from them. This is what they do - you place the order and they immediately charge you for it and start sending out emails about how they are out of stock, do you want a refund for the item, etc. but never send a product and never give you a refund, they just lead you along so that 30 days goes by or you get weary of trying to get your money back or product. I reported them to my Amex after a week of this and they are pretty good about their investigations. DO NOT PURCHASE FROM THIS SCAM OPERATION.

skzmo says: (7 years ago)
Store is a scam BEWARE do not order from them. This is what they do - you place the order and they immediately charge you for it and start sending out emails about how they are out of stock, do you want a refund for the item, etc. but never send a product and never give you a refund, they just lead you along so that 30 days goes by or you get weary of trying to get your money back or product. I reported them to my Amex after a week of this and they are pretty good about their investigations. DO NOT PURCHASE FROM THIS SCAM OPERATION.

bbenit says: (7 years ago)
I order from Sams beauty supply Last thurday. The following Monday when I call to check on my order, I was told that they are still processing my order. When I asked them the reason behind them taking so long to ship my order, I was told that it will take 5-7 day for processing.Now I am mess up in my plan.
I will never order from them again.

FMcDow says: (8 years ago)
I purchased some items from www.SamsBeauty.com on 2/09/11. It took almost a week for them to update my order status and give me a confirmation number. They charged me for everything I ordered,and only until I received my package,on the receipt they noted that that they didnt have everything I ordered & was to be credited back on my debit account the balance they owed... STILL as of this day(2/24/11) it hasnt been credited to my account and no one has YET to respond to my calls or emails!

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